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Tourist information

  • Recommended tourist information around Tsujun Sanso

We will guide you to recommended tourist information by theme

If you extend your foot from the hotel, you will find many spots where you can feel the magnificent nature and culture!

  • | Enjoy mountain climbing in the mountain Yamato |

    Including a is Kunimidake highest peak of Kyushu mountains, Yamatocho mountains towering continuing beyond the 1000m.
    At the prefectural border with Miyazaki Prefecture, there are many mountain deer that are recommended for family hiking etc., as well as for Tozansha.
    Enjoy the natural scenery through the four seasons, including alpine plants and natural beech and fir forests.
  • | Ishibashi map |

    Many stone bridges were built in Yamatocho.
    It is "stone bridge map" that goes around that stone bridge.
    Please use it.
  • | Campsite in Yamatocho |

    Yamatocho campsite that makes use of the nature of Yamatocho has attractions that everyone from small children to adults can enjoy.
    A campsite in the shallows and on the water side of Pasapasha.
    How about good memories such as insect collection, bird watching in Yamatocho?
  • | Recommended spots |

    In the spring, in love with gorgeous flowers such as mountains, mountains, and mountains.
    Also, in summer, seek for a cool water source flowing through the Gokase River.
    Please enjoy the Tanada dyed golden in autumn and the wonderful autumn leaves.
    In winter, look at the mountains lined with white silver.
    Yamatocho is surrounded by such beautiful nature that changes every season.