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  2. New Corona measures

New Corona measures

  • Guidance about new corona measures
    Tsujun Sanso

    1. Initiatives at this facility
    (1) At the time of admission
     ·Hand disinfection equipment (alcohol, etc.) is installed at the entrance and lobby.
     ·On the sofa in the lobby, there is a display that opens up the feeling that it is not crowded.
    (2) Check-in
     ·Frequent cleaning and disinfection of accommodation cards, accommodation front desk, writing instruments, etc.
     ·We check the physical condition such as temperature measurement for customers.
     ·The front desk is closed by a transparent vinyl curtain to keep the distance from the staff.
     ·Items such as room keys given to customers are disinfected.
     ·The staff members are wearing masks to serve customers.
    (3) Elevator
     ·We will have a capacity of 5 people in the elevator to prevent it from becoming "closed".
     ·We perform frequent cleaning and disinfection of elevators and push buttons.
     ·We also have hand disinfection equipment (such as alcohol) in front of the elevator on each floor.
    (4) Guest room
     ·We are cleaning and disinfecting the door knob.
     ·When cleaning the guest room, the surface is wiped with a disinfectant (cleaning agent, bleaching agent, etc.).
      (※TV/air conditioning remote control,safe,Room lighting switch,stand,Table,
     ·The cups, teapots, and drinking cups are replaced with disinfected ones.
     ·Other in-room equipment is either disposable or thoroughly sterilized.
      (※Hairdryer,Sitting chair,Japanese cushion,Slippers, etc.)
     ·When cleaning the guest room, adequate ventilation is provided.
    (5) Large public bath
     ·In order to avoid "crowding", there will be an admission limit of 30 people or more.
     ·We regularly clean and disinfect door knobs and lockers.
     ·We clean and sterilize equipment such as dryers.
     ·We are constantly striving to ventilate the rest space.
     ·We regularly clean and sterilize beverage service equipment and vending machine buttons.
    (6) Meal related
     ·The staff is waiting to wear a mask.
     ·We regularly clean and disinfect equipment such as chairs and tables.
     ·Breakfast is a Japanese set meal and dinner is a multi-course meal.
     ·For the lunch buffet, when serving as a small plate, or when using sorting tools such as tongs,
     Disposable gloves are available.
     ·The desk and chair are installed in consideration of social distance.
     ·Our staff has a service format that minimizes contact with customers.
     ·Seats and tables with meals are cleaned and disinfected at the time of lowering.

    2. Requests to customers
     ·Please wear a mask when entering the building.
     ·Please cooperate with the temperature measurement at check-in.
     ·If you are not in good health, please contact the front desk.
     ·Please leave a space between guests at check-in to keep the distance between customers.
     ·Please be careful not to be in an elevator, a large public bath, etc.