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Day Trip

Recommended date plan

  • 【Saturday·Sunday·Congratulations·Limited Offer】Lunch full buffet

    It is a limited full buffet on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    ※It may be "full buffet" on weekdays.
    We will guide you at today's lunch from HP.
    ※The content will be changed slightly

    ●Locally grown vegetable salad (3 to 4)
     cabbage·Mini Tomato·carrot·lettuce·Baby leaf
    ●Chinese cabbage, Cold product
     Potesara or coleslaw salad·Fried egg·Roast pork·Hemp tofu·Gorogoro vegetable caesar salad
     Grilled gyoza·Cold spa or macaroni·corn·Hot spring egg·Edamame
    ●Boiled food
     Cold product·Chikuzen boiled·pumpkin·Buckwheat noodles
    ●Hot food
     Tomato curry·Mabo tofu·miso soup·Braised hamburger or roll cabbage
     Grilled fish·Boiled fish (Mackerel, campchiara etc)
     sushi, (Sushi rolls or leaflets)·Seasonal rice·White rice
     1 kind of fruit (sesame, pine, grape etc.), panna cottas, 2 kinds of warabimochi (Brown sugar, Green Tea)
     Golden Tome
    ●Fried food
     Tempura 3-4 kinds, dumpling, Nanjing, green pepper, Maruju, chikuwa
    ●Fried food
     croquette·Chopsticks·Squid fried chicken·Fried chicken
    ●Steamed food
     Chinese Steamed Dumplings·Savory egg custard·Steamed vegetables (Corn etc)
    ●Pickled Vegetables
     2 to 3 types
  • A rich buffet at lunch buffet

    【Limited time only, weekdays only】Half Buffet & Select Lunch in progress!

    "Saturday·Sunday·Congratulation ", Full lunch buffet

    ※(Tuesday) Only lunch will be closed.
    Please relax the local farmer's vegetables with the theme "Magokoro"!

    ※It is limited on weekdays, but may be changed to "full buffet".
    Specifically, our HP will guide you for lunch on the day.
  • "The elderly association·Day Banquet plan"Old Club·Senior group hot spa friends travel

    Old age association·Old Club·Senior Group Hot Spring Travel Recommend plan···【Hot Springs Healing】
  • "Folded lunch box for the four seasons" will be delivered!

    Please use for sports events · festivals · conferences · dinners · various events.

A day trip with hot springs

Please spend a moment of healing at the Onsenkan.

  • < One-day hot springs >

    You can use public bath / open-air bath / sauna / large rest area.

    ◇ Bathing charge ◇
    grown up:500 yen
    Elementary school-aged children: 250 yen
    An infant:Nothing, Fee

    ◇ Opening Hour ◇
    11:00 to 20:30(Final receptionist)
    ※Every Tuesday, From 15:00 to 20:30 (Final receptionist)
    ※Middle school students and above will be charged for adults.
    ※The charge of the notation may change.Thank you for your understanding.
  • < Meal >

    Enjoy lunch at the Restaurant Shakunage where you can enjoy the taste of nature.

To customers who utilize day-trip hot springs!

~ Nice benefits and services ~

Ticket number tickets of Onsenkan11 sheets spelling 4,400 yen (tax included), "2 discount and very profitable! "
"Good Luck" Thanksgiving Day"26th" every month, bathing fee is half price!
Customer Point CardFor more points, thank you for your points!
  • ◎ Customer Point Card ◎

    □ 500 yen (tax included) For each use, 1 point (once stamped)
    □ If you save 40 points, you will receive 500 yen worth of service tickets
    ※The holding point is valid for one year from the last use day.