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Day Trip

Recommended date plan

  • 【Saturday·Sunday·Congratulations·Limited Offer】Lunch full buffet

    It is a limited full buffet on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    ※It may be "full buffet" on weekdays.
    We will guide you at today's lunch from HP.
    ※The content will be changed slightly

    ●Locally grown vegetable salad (3 to 4)
     cabbage·Mini Tomato·carrot·lettuce·Baby leaf
    ●Chinese cabbage, Cold product
     Potesara or coleslaw salad·Fried egg·Roast pork·Hemp tofu·Gorogoro vegetable caesar salad
     Grilled gyoza·Cold spa or macaroni·corn·Hot spring egg·Edamame
    ●Boiled food
     Cold product·Chikuzen boiled·pumpkin·Buckwheat noodles
    ●Hot food
     Tomato curry·Mabo tofu·miso soup·Braised hamburger or roll cabbage
     Grilled fish·Boiled fish (Mackerel, campchiara etc)
     sushi, (Sushi rolls or leaflets)·Seasonal rice·White rice
     1 kind of fruit (sesame, pine, grape etc.), panna cottas, 2 kinds of warabimochi (Brown sugar, Green Tea)
     Golden Tome
    ●Fried food
     Tempura 3-4 kinds, dumpling, Nanjing, green pepper, Maruju, chikuwa
    ●Fried food
     croquette·Chopsticks·Squid fried chicken·Fried chicken
    ●Steamed food
     Chinese Steamed Dumplings·Savory egg custard·Steamed vegetables (Corn etc)
    ●Pickled Vegetables
     2 to 3 types
  • "Folded lunch box for the four seasons" will be delivered!

    Please use for sports events · festivals · conferences · dinners · various events.

A day trip with hot springs

Please spend a moment of healing at the Onsenkan.

  • < One-day hot springs >

    You can use public bath / open-air bath / sauna / large rest area.

    ◇ Bathing charge ◇
    grown up:500 yen
    Elementary school-aged children: 250 yen
    An infant:Nothing, Fee

    ◇ Opening Hour ◇
    11:00 to 20:30(Final receptionist)
    ※Middle school students and above will be charged for adults.
    ※The charge of the notation may change.Thank you for your understanding.
  • < Meal >

    Enjoy lunch at the Restaurant Shakunage where you can enjoy the taste of nature.

To customers who utilize day-trip hot springs!

~ Nice benefits and services ~

Ticket number tickets of Onsenkan14 sheets spelled 5,000 yen (tax included) 3 discount!
"Good Luck" Thanksgiving Day"26th" every month, bathing fee is half price!
Customer Point CardFor more points, thank you for your points!
  • ◎ Customer Point Card ◎

    □ 500 yen (tax included) For each use, 1 point (once stamped)
    □ If you save 40 points, you will receive 500 yen worth of service tickets
    ※There is no expiration date for the points you have.
    ※Points are not added when using a credit card.Thank you for your understanding.