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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you close to Takachiho?

    Yamatocho will take less than an hour from Yamatocho to Takachiho Town
    The current recommendation is getting power at Takachiho and YamatochContinue reading
  • Is there a WASHLET?

    WASHLET is a toilet with a WASHLET function.
  • Do you have a rental PC?

    There is no rental of a PC (PC).
  • Do you have a refrigerator?

    There is an empty refrigerator in the room.
  • Can I keep my luggage before check-in?

    We will store luggage before check-in. Please ask front desk staff.
  • Can I sleep with my primary school kid?

    It can not be used by primary school students in bed. Please reserve as 1 adult at the time of use.
  • Do you have children's pajamas?

    Children are prepared for yukata. If the size does not fit, please ask the front desk
  • Do you have a bath in all rooms?

    Western-style room is a bathtub. There is no Japanese-style room, please use the hot spring on the first floor
  • Do you have a room with an open-air bath?

    There is no room with an open-air bath.
  • Do you have room service?

    There is no room service. Please use the vending machine in this facility or the nearest convenience store.
  • Is there a children's menu for breakfast?

    There is no special children's menu for breakfast. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Are there any Ishibashi other than Tsūjun Bridge?

    The Kamimashiki and Midorikawa areas are one of the most famous treasures of Ishibashi in Japan.
    As we publish map on our homepage, please Continue reading
  • Can I issue a receipt?

    Receipts will be given at check out only if you pay locally (cash or credit). The address should be given to front desk staff at check-in.
  • How should I change or cancel my reservation?

    You can change or cancel from the site. If you have any questions, please contact the hotel.
  • What is the cancellation fee?

    plan cancellation policy differs depending on the plan. Please confirm the cancellation policy of the reserved plan.
  • May I have a wake-up call?

    Yes, available. Please ask front desk staff.
  • Can you keep valuables during your stay?

    We do not store valuables. Please manage it yourself.
  • Is there a campsite nearby?

    Yamatocho has abundant nature and there is also a campsite.
    As we have uploaded flyers for campsites on our website, please check there.
    PContinue reading
  • I am planning to climb, what kind of mountain do you have?

    On our website, we have posted flyers for mountain climbing.
    Please check it.
    Please access to QR code or below.
    http://www.tsujun-sanso.Continue reading
  • Do you have lunch?

    ※Every Tuesday break
    On weekdays, select drink with a choice of main menu from 1200 yen with soft drinks
    The day before the holidays "full pContinue reading
  • Is breakfast a buffet?

    A breakfast buffet is served for breakfasts of 20 or more.
    If it is less than 20 people, it is served in the breakfast set menu.
  • Renovation work in the facility was completed.

    We wish to express our sincere condolences to all those affected by the Kumamoto earthquake of Heisei 28.
    The hotel has been carrying out reContinue reading
  • What is in the surroundings?

    YamatoTown Kumamoto Prefecture is located at the prefecture border between Kumamoto and Miyazaki prefectures
    It is a mountainous region withContinue reading
  • What kind of food can you eat?

    Party cuisine with plenty of local ingredients such as Yamame and horse sashimi and Japanese beef is popular
    Contents selected by plan
    In adContinue reading
  • How is a public inn as different from a general inn?

    Basically the content of the stay does not change
    The service contents are equivalent
    Because it is a facility where some newness is still lContinue reading

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