【Official】Tsujun Sanso

Stay quietly in Yamato Yamane, a relaxing inn.

Tsujun Sanso is built in the Yamatocho of Kumamoto Prefecture in the Edo period in the 7th year of Yoshinaga (1854)
It is built on the side of "Japanese Cultural Heritage, Tsūjun Bridge" and we operate without losing the culture.
From the beginning, we strive to serve customers with the thought that "Customers who visited Tsujun Sanso are more than relaxing at home, returning home and returning."
Yamatocho the Yamatocho along the Midorikawa flowing in the center of Yamatocho, and guests can enjoy various scenes from season to the guest room.
We serve locally produced ingredients such as old-fashioned Jibie dishes and seasonal dishes using seafood directly sent from the market.
We are waiting for your coming as well as famous hot springs in Kumamoto Prefecture, rich in minerals at the public bath and outdoor bath.

【Affordable price】Limited Number of Rooms! Easy resort plan small dishes

  • The amount of kaiseki cuisine is large·Answering that voice, we have prepared a plan with a simple set meal.

    plan with overnight dinner & breakfast. Please book from 2 adults.

    For dinner, please choose from Yamame Gyoza or Beef Suki nabe.
    ··I want to eat a little more·There are additional dishes if you feel it. (1 dish / single dish)

    ■About meals for children
    夕 食 For elementary school children's children, we will prepare a “elementary school ark”.
      夕 食 For children less than primary school children, we will prepare "Infant Lunch" for dinner.

    ■Breakfast: 1F Restaurant Shakunage
    Opening hours 07:00 to 09:00
    *Please enjoy the buffet using fresh ingredients of YamatoTown Kumamoto Prefecture, YamatoTown Kumamoto Prefecture.
    (Available for Japanese set meals)

September 18 (Wednesday) lunch is the main “Select lunch”.

  • | Selectable Main Select Buffet |

    Thank you for always using us.

    ◇ Rates ◇
    Select either 1200 yen or 1500 yen main

    ◇ Delivery time ◇
    "Weekday", 11: 30 to 14: 30

    ◇ Hot spring time ◇
    11:00 to 20:30〈Final receptionist〉

We opened tourist information page

  • Enjoy Yamatocho

    We opened a page useful for sightseeing in Yamatocho.
    Please experience various Yamatocho.
  • Yamatocho event information

    We publish seasonal events of Yamatocho.
    Please see the details on the link.
  • Kumamoto event information

    We will inform you of seasonal events in Kumamoto Prefecture.

    ※Please feel free to ask if you wish to publish

I will deliver the folded lunch box for the four seasons!


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Tsujun Sanso


192-1 Nagahara, Kamimashiki County Yamatocho

Telephone number



Yamato Nakajima Nishi IC about 15 minutes from Route 445, Matsubase IC from Route 218 about 45 minutes. 90 minutes by bus from Kumamoto Transportation Center
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Day Trip

  • A day trip with hot springs

    Please spend a moment of healing at the Onsenkan.●Large Communal Bath●Open Air Bath●sauna●Large rest area

Banquet / Conference

  • Banquet hall

    ●We will do hospitality with crowded banquet, alumni association, legal requirement, etc.

    ●Meetings, meetings, gatherings, etc. Please use widely.
    ●We will arrange various party companions.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.